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Creative Excellence.
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A strong brand as a

driving force for success

DHL is one of the world’s most valuable brands. The Deutsche Post DHL Group with more than 550,000 employees and countless touchpoints in over 220 countries, has the goal of enhancing its global brand performance using a smart, intuitive brand management system. After all, it is clear that brands make a substantial contribution to a company’s success.* Together, we have made its brand management more efficient and sustainable by means of targeted simplification and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

A new chapter in global brand management.

*According to a study by PWC, up to 50% of the enterprise value is attributable to the value of the brand, also known as the brand contribution. Strong brands even have a positive influence on the share value.


Efficiency in

brand management

We had a clear task for this project: To simplify the brand design and enhance the brand performance. For this purpose, together we systematically digitalised the brand, added more emotional appeal to DHL’s imagery and gave artificial intelligence the role of saving time and money in the design process. This gave rise to more than just advanced brand management: A new, digital home for the brand that acts as a global interface and, supported by AI, ensures that DHL employees around the world can keep their work very much on brand.

Brand and people – ready for a successful future.


“Developing an AI-based design system was a first for us, too. Are we putting ourselves out of business with this? On the contrary. We can focus on our strengths: finding creative and surprising solutions for the next challenge.”

Prof. Jochen Rädeker,
Founder & Partner

Hello Future: Moving to

AI-supported design

Strichpunkt has developed the first layout creator for DHL. An AI-based tool that enables employees worldwide to create layouts simply and intuitively. For example, the layout creator can choose from up to 10¹⁵ different layout versions in the design process. The result for users: Quality. Efficiency. Independence from agencies. A consistent brand identity. Worldwide.

Welcome to the future of global brand communications.

03Layout Creator

“The layout creator enables colleagues to design media themselves, produces results that are always on brand, and makes us more effective. This is not only fun, but also saves time and money.”

Arjan Sissing,
Senior Vice President Group Brand Marketing
Deutsche Post DHL Group

Global brand management:

The DPDHL Group Brand Hub

The layout creator is part of the DPDHL group brand hub – the new, digital home for efficient brand management. This tool provides intuitive, straightforward access to the brand design. It inspires its users with easily comprehensible design guides and lots of interactive examples, and provides users around the world with everything they need for their day-to-day work, from the logo to the digital component.

A brand hub that allows for perfect brand design with plenty of freedom and scope for creativity.

04Brand Hub

The new


To simplify the existing brand design, we started our thought process in the digital arena and then developed a modular, seamlessly scalable design system on this basis. Digital applications are now an integral part of the corporate design, the brand personality is conveyed in new, more emotional imagery, and a unique corporate typeface has been developed. This represents a practical, state-of-the-art development with more flexibility and a system that is effective both internally and externally.

Creative Excellence. Impressive Simplicity.


A brand with


Redefined, emotional imagery as the basis for creative concepts gives rise to a new form of communication. With more warmth and emotion, a high degree of independence, and modern imagery style that places a clear focus on “you”, meaning on people. And it is real people who are involved, with employees becoming brand ambassadors in photo shoots and videos.

Positive moments that convey a trustworthy and authentic image of the brand all around the world.

DHL in every language:

The new typeface

As of now, DHL has its own corporate typeface. Developed specially for Deutsche Post, DHL and the DPDHL Group, this typeface has the fitting name “Delivery” and offers ideal conditions for a uniform image and a strong brand identity. Optimised in detail for digital and print use, Delivery is equally convincing in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic.

Designing brand messages has never been so simple. Or so attractive. Or reader-friendly. Or clear. Or saved so much space.

Hello, I'm Delivery - try me!
Black Condensed is the brand defining font style used for headlines.



The brand identity of DHL and the DPDHL Group is now based on one brand design system that makes day-to-day work much easier. Elements such as the interface design kit can be used for all digital applications. It is also easy to adapt many other media forms – so easy that it is often just a matter of swapping the logo and the font colour.

More recognition value for customers and investors.

“For years, DHL has been one of the world’s most valuable brands*. This result is based on more than just numbers: It also rates the strength that we have in the minds of consumers. Nowadays, brand strategy is inextricably linked with corporate strategy.”

Arjan Sissing,
Senior Vice President Group Brand Marketing
Deutsche Post DHL Group

*WPP BrandZ™ Top100 Most Valuable Brands 2019

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