Human Dignity is inviolable 2015

Brand Communication

The Baden-Württemberg Foundation not only promotes and initiates programs and projects, but it is engaged in the research and education – of social responsibility and culture. As an independent and non-partisan foundation of the state, they are not only responsible for the values of the country but also for the fundamental values that characterize the daily actions of its people. "Human Dignity is inviolable" – as stated in the basic law. This basic sentence forms the constitutional and substantive basis of the foundation's work. It is both its duty and consistent commitment.

After the trilogy "Future - Home", the new report highlights even more than before, the attitude, motivation and social mission of the foundation. This explores the individual and social perspective of the preamble, therefore reflecting the motivation and relevance of action.

The image section convinces by its image and text collage that by means of individual interpretations of the nuclear issue "dignity" provides impetus for readers' own thinking about the topic and examines the action of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation from an unusual perspective. The personal essay of the manager and the lively reportage section provide deliberate counterpoints. From a design perspective, the annual report explores new territories. With exciting contrasts, the courage to striking, bold design – and, last but not least – the attention to detail.