Branding DRIVE

Corporate Branding

Strichpunkt developed CI and CD for DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum.

Following a pitch, the Volkswagen Group commissioned Strichpunkt for the development and implementation of the CI and CD for DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. Strichpunkt Berlin developed an independent profile to make the redesigned forum stand out and, acting as the lead agency, manages the implementation of a homogeneous and authentic brand design concept. In addition, Strichpunkt has given the DRIVE restaurants, Brotzeit and Zeitgeist, an exciting new visual appearance.

Cornelia Schneider, Volkswagen Group Communications, Head of DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum: "We were impressed by Strichpunkt's understanding of complex brands, their wide range of services and high level of creativity."

More than ten million people have visited the forum in Berlin since it opened in 1999. The intense remodelling process will create a communication platform in Berlin for mobile topics and a new home for the twelve brands of the Volkswagen Group and Financial Services AG.

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