Brainstorming for the future

Brainstorming for

the future

As a space for ideas, DRIVE is concerned with mobility. Its central design element is the arrow. As a symbol for drive and movement, the graphic logo changes its direction just as quickly as its shape: 12 arrows represent the 12 brands that regularly use the Forum. DRIVE has become unmistakeable thanks to a flexible interplay of arrows, colours and a powerful typeface. The corporate design has come alive through its various uses, from printed imagery to the guidance system.

A modern brand at the heart of a bustling city.

DesignDrive Digital

Design in

digital spaces

The digital concept forms an inviting platform relating to the world of DRIVE and translates the corporate design from desktop to smartphone. Two apps are also part of the digital corporate identity. While the advisor app provides the DRIVE team with information about the brands in the Volkswagen Group, the model car app caters for fans. It presents the more than 500 model vehicles that are available in the DRIVE shop.

The entire digital brand identity has been developed by Strichpunkt.



DesignDrive Magazin


to go

In 2016, the handy print magazine, Motor, also catered to visitors to the Forum. Completely designed and realised by Strichpunkt, it focused on the various exhibitions at the Forum, while its cover story concerned subjects relevant to society.

An adaptation of the corporate design in contemporary magazine style.

Appetite for


We also branded the company catering at DRIVE. The arrows again show their flexibility here. Brotzeit is a deli that is aimed at attracting walk-in customers. The arrows are colourful and cheerful and TheSans makes a prominent typeface. The sophisticated Zeitgeist requires reservations. The arrows, typography and brand are considerably more subtle.

Together, they add to a consistent brand identity.

„We tried out a lot of different things concerning the topic of mobility and asked ourselves again and again: what makes a coherent overall design? It's not just about mobility through cars, but also mobility in the imagination.“ Nils Jaedicke,
Creative Director, Strichpunkt

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