Mobility drives us all

It was the start of a new corporate identity for DRIVE. The Volkswagen Group Forum posed questions: what should DRIVE stand for in the future? Is it a car dealership or an embassy? Is it a shop window or a meeting place? Representative or relevant? What has been established is a place with a clear idea and a new identity.

An engine driving the mobility of tomorrow.


A forum at the heart of

the capital city

The world of the Volkswagen Group can be experienced at the Forum. However, it is not limited to a representation of what is possible today. It is a platform on which mobility and its future is displayed, discussed and shaped. DRIVE connects people who are thinking about what freedom means, what significance status has and when autonomous driving will take over. It is a meeting place and a space for enthusiasm, inspiration and interaction. But in this respect, DRIVE is a representation of something.

A vibrant form of corporate communication.

„We saw a great opportunity to make DRIVE into a meeting place, a forum, that plays a role in Berlin. Volkswagen AG was very open to the idea.“ Beate Flamm,
Member of the Executive Board / Portfolio Lead for Berlin, Strichpunkt

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