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The automotive industry is in the midst of profound change. The strategic reorientation is moving towards a new understanding of customer wishes and expectations: from new drive systems to digital and mobility services to transparency and responsibility for the environment and society. Audi is part of this transformation and is pushing it forward.

This is also reflected in its financial communications: it positions itself with a clear focus on its target groups (analysts, investors, business journalists, stakeholders, and partners). How? Through storytelling, which always focuses on the 'net message' hence relevance to results: talking business. Which technological and digital innovations will boost tomorrow's sales? How will the focus market China further expand? What market potential do new business models have? How can Audi achieve CO2-neutral production?

As a kick-off, the 2018 "e-valuation" Annual Report gathers around 20 stories that show how Audi is measurably implementing transformation. It shows facts and presents people who think ahead and drive Audi forward with passion. The design is striking, exploits spaces and works specifically with colors and bleeds.

But, one does not just talk about business once a year. "Talking business" is a concept that breaks with the annual report as a unique annual publication and moves towards continuous communication during the year on all channels relevant to the target groups. This is why the "Talking business" section of the website is the first menu item in Investor Relations.

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