Sustain­­ability Report 2013

Corporate Reporting

Haniel’s first Corporate Responsibility Report was created, edited, designed and implemented to conform with the GRI’s G4 reporting guidelines.

Haniel itself is not an operating company but a strategic holding company in a variety of business areas. In the report, the main aim was to communicate Haniel’s underlying approach upon which its commitment to sustainability is based. In addition, its management and organisational structure had to be demonstrated transparently, via the theme of sustainability rooted within the Haniel Group.

Haniel’s Corporate Responsibility Report is courageous and pioneering. It conveys in vivid articles and reports the work of the various divisions and simultaneously conveys its underlying guiding and controlling principles. The presentation of the sustainability issues is subliminal, eye-catching and transparent. That Haniel is truly sustainable in the long term is evident not only in the comprehensive, 258-year-long chronicle of corporate commitment, but also in the printing process. The report was printed sustainably on a Risograph printer without chemicals, with soy-based ink, and on paper from sustainable forests.

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