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Due to the forthcoming energy revolution and phase-out of nuclear energy in Germany, EnBW is about to face one of the most significant changes in its history. In times of change, brand image plays a key role in making the new business strategy visible and tangible. Strichpunkt has been working with EnBW since 2009 during its systematic realignment from being a traditional energy supplier to becoming a modern energy services provider.

Strichpunkt has evolved EnBW’s corporate design to convey this new attitude, new business alignment and new corporate values. The new look has a much more open, clear and simple appearance, lending it more affinity with its customers. The primary colours of deep blue and sunset orange characterise the new look and create a distinctive design. Extensive use of pictograms with minimal details gives users intuitive access to individual topics. Using a Strichpunkt-designed CDnet, all content is explained and made accessible in a straightforward manner. This provides access to EnBW’s new corporate design for all internal and external target audiences.


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