Branding In the sign of the lotus flower

Corporate Design

GRG. The building cleaners.

In our eyes, GRG is a hidden champion. Once you know them, you’ll see them everywhere: in the airports of Hamburg and Berlin, in the Autostadt, in the Ritz-Carlton Berlin or in the Friedrichstadt-Palace, the employees of GRG are those responsible for making sure that everything is sparkling clean. For almost one hundred years, this has been a family run business, run today by third generation family members, the brothers Stephan and Heiko Schwarz. The lotus logo, which in the process of re-creating it’s new corporate design, stands not only for cleanliness but also for the diversity and many facets of the business. At GRG, all the employees come from different backgrounds. Integration, fairness and respect are important themes. Strong and consistent branding help the employees to identify with their company and ensures that the GRG are publicly recognised and newly discovered.

We have visited the employees of GRG at Friedrichstadt-Palace, where they work behind the scenes, so from day to day the palace glows in its best light.