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Hello Iqony

Into the green future: Just in time for the successful market launch, we staged the new green energy brand Iqony in an energetic and dynamic way. The transformation of the Essen-based energy company STEAG can no longer be overlooked, certainly now that the green energy solutions provider has been launched.

A fresh start, please!

From the entire corporate identity and corporate design, to the support of naming and brand strategy, to the internal and external launch campaigns in print, out-of-home and digital channels: with a modular layout system including a dynamic logo, powerful and vibrant colors, a clear, factual typography and high-quality grounded visuals, Iqony's sustainable brand promise as a "reliable partner in a changing world of energy" was brought to life in an attention-grabbing way that differentiates it from the competition. The corporate design of Iqony is as self-confident and variable as energy itself.

The specially developed brand name Iqony reflects central components of the new brand identity developed together with STEAG, with which the energy transformation is to be designed individually (I), intelligently (IQ), feasibly (ON) and full of energy (Y).

„Within a very short time, we developed a complete brand identity for Iqony in the Berlin office, which clearly comprehends the Sustainable Brand Transformation to a green energy solution provider. As part of an integrative development approach, we put a lot of value on involving all employees and managers from the very beginning and actively integrating them. This is the only way to ensure that the new brand is actively lived from day one.“

Peter Matz,
Studiolead Berlin & Member of the Executive Board, Strichpunkt

A new brand for new energy

Why did we start from scratch and develop Iqony, a brand that is completely independent of STEAG? What role does it play to involve employees as early as possible? And how did the brand name come about? If you'd like to listen to Peter Matz (Studiolead Berlin, Strichpunkt) and Christoph Dollhausen (Head of Communications & Marketing, Iqony) behind the scenes of Iqony's branding, you'll find out a lot in the podcast "energiegeladen"!

How sustainable does your brand communicate?

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