Journals 2014 Happiness

Corporate Communication

Autostadt Wolfsburg is the communications platform of Volkswagen Group and also the world's largest delivery centre for new vehicles. Architecture, design and nature create the framework for a versatile automobile theme park on a 28-hectare site. In addition to Autostadt's corporate design, Strichpunkt also creates the bimonthly journal of the same name.

The journal covers current topics such as new attractions, performances and culinary options, all working around the annual theme of "Happiness" for 2014. Different aspects of happiness are discussed and visualised: In addition to articles about the search for happiness, the joy of a soulmate and the beauty of nature, the topic is also explored on the front covers of the journals. Independent, avant-garde imagery interprets the content and creates a platform for brand communication. Issue 6/2014 of the magazine is also available in a digital format.