Matters of the heart 2017

Brand Communication

Hand on heart – what moments make your heart beat faster? Matters of the heart are the initial point for the conceptional design of the wall calendar 2017 by the paper factory Scheufelen. Symbolised by moments which are familiar to everyone of us. Moments that make our hearts beat faster. When a child is born, when music gives us goose bumps or when we are surprised in an unexpected situation. Our hearts throb, our pulses rise. And then, from one moment to the next, our heartbeat returns to normal when we relax.

Each of these moments is expressed in the calendar pages. Each of the twelve carefully crafted motifs focuses on the heart with pulse rates extending across the exquisitely refined sheets. Feel it for yourself: haptic and visual, in the quality of its print and finish, the artistically printed calendar is a heart-throbbing experience.

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