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The next level for the newly aligned premium brand and for one of the largest and most innovative German kitchen manufacturers.

What’s next? The future begins with questions. They lead to the heart and the character of the product. They provide insights about customers and their use of the product. The new brand experience is being created together with the management and with the marketing, product design and sales teams – with free thinking, from various perspectives, in intensive workshops, with an agile approach and in close collaboration. From the start, we are designing next125 from a 360-degree perspective, working simultaneously on positioning, branding, communication and interaction. This makes us fast, and it also allows us to trial new ideas directly and develop strong, promising solutions.

What´s next?

next125 is Schüller’s premium design brand. After 20 years on the market, we will successfully continue on the path as a family company, together with the new brand design of Strichpunkt.

Markus Schüller
Managing Director Sales and Marketing
Schüller Möbelwerk KG
02Brand Identity


Brand Identity

next125 – an iconic brand design like no other: Unconventional. Authentic. Clear. Essential. A new, powerful and present logo. Black. White. Sharp contrasts: cool yellow, warm red, vibrant blue. Striking illustrations and distinctive typography. A small number of consistently and sensitively designed elements. A flexible design system as a basis for cross-media brand management.

Atmospheric imagery that places the kitchen, furniture and individual design pieces at the centre: Style. Space. The quality of form and function. The inspiration of the material and the colour.

The brand gives character: elemental and clear. Devoted to Bauhaus values. The new brand identity reflects the elemental and puristic character of the kitchen.

Annette Schumacher
Head of Marketing
der Schüller Möbelwerk KG
03Narrative Branding


Narrative Branding

An inspiring narrative for cross-media storytelling and international campaigns: CREATIVE MAKERS are people who engage with the meaning, nature and shape of things. This allies them with the creative makers at next125. Inspiring stories and perspectives; themes that reflect the character of the kitchen and give the next125 brand a strong, individualistic presence on the market.

To start, photo artist Claus Friedrich Rudolph and botanical set designer Valentina Teinitzer have designed the multifaceted online and offline campaign communication.

next125 is the design piece for creative makers, designers, architects, stylists and freethinkers. A new narrative tells an inspiring story for a design-literate target group.

Jochen Theurer
Head of Concept
04Brand Experience


Brand Experience.

In parallel to the development of the new brand, a broad spectrum of creative communication formats and media are already being created – the visible results for a holistic 360-degree brand experience:

The international campaign. Magazine, catalogue and accompanying print media. A new look, cross-media storytelling and content for the digital channels. Brand-defining spatial design and communication for concept stores and at point of sale.

A strong presence at leading international trade fairs such as EuroCucina/Salone del Mobile.

A Creative Makers magazine positions next125 as an innovative leader in the international premium segment. A large-format statement – of strong character, refined, creative, bold.

Katharina Bergmann
Director Concept

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