Reinventing Light for 110 Years 2015/16

Brand Communication

Reinventing Light - in the spirit of this motto, the Munich based company has reinvented itself in celebration of its’ 110th anniversary. Moving away from its traditional reputation as a light bulb manufacturer towards a more focused future as an enterprise of light technology.

As a digitally operating corporation of technology, OSRAM is shaping the future and transforms it to the present. With the title „ON - Reinventing Light for 110 Years“, STRICHPUNKT and OSRAM bring the subject of digitalization to the forefront of communication. The collaboration encompasses the concept and realization of the 2015/2016 Annual Report as well as the complementary magazine, be it on- or offline. We show you the technologies and people behind them. Those who make sure that OSRAM is always on.

„ON“ embodies the constant progress - from the analog to the digital era, in which everything needs to be available around the clock and always needs to be lit. In short: ON thanks to OSRAM.