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How do you transform a hidden champion into a global brand?

Progroup is the leading manufacturer for corrugated sheetboards in Central Europe and a family business in transition: ambitious growth targets and changes were set with the strategy Two Twentyfive. One of the prerequisites for the plans to succeed: Strategy, structure and culture must be brought into harmony. Strichpunkt has focused the company on a strong brand and given this brand a contemporary and unmistakable face.

Consistently successful - that is the core of the Progroup brand. A claim that also requires consistency in its appearance. Four sub-brands - Propapier, Proservice, Profound and Prologistik - are combined to form a clear and consistent brand: Progroup. A company that is heading towards 2025 with a common goal. And above all: with a large team that has a new, common identity. Concentrated power for a successful future and a strong corporate culture.

The rebranding clearly shows the new orientation of Progroup. With the concentration on one brand comes the focus on one logo: a stylised band formed from Progroup's materials, paper and corrugated board. A P as a picture mark, a band that connects in a constantly new shape, a symbol for innovation as well as for cooperation and fascination. Dynamic, versatile and expressive.

An essential part of the transformation are the employees. A common identity creates the conditions for the development of a strong, shared culture. The starter package for the introduction of the new brand brings all employees under one roof, makes them curious and: fun. But it is only the beginning of a cultural transformation that will extend far beyond 2025.

Powerplayer Progroup – One brand, one goal, one team

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