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A joyful outlook on life for the whole family: colourful, approachable and with a human touch

Berlin-based online retailer myToys, which is part of the Otto Group, is Germany’s largest shopping platform for ‘all child-related’ products. myToys is now building on its success with a new corporate identity and new corporate design – and with one particular preoccupation at the heart of its endeavours: to spread a sense of joy.

‘Joy is our brand promise and that’s precisely what we’re expressing with our new look. It’s lively, cheerful and reflects the reality of family life: multi-faceted, colourful, unexpected and perhaps not always perfect.’

Ulrich Hauschild,
Head of Marketing at the MYTOYS GROUP

Focus on the core brand promise

All the images are taken from real life and depict authentic scenes from everyday family life. The new visual imagery consistently conveys the brand in an emotional way with a warm and lively colour scheme. Attractive illustrations add the finishing touches to the design. The power of the new corporate design is reflected in the interplay of all the different brand elements. The revamped logo is versatile, colourful and approachable. With a modular layout system as the basis, every medium is designed in a user-centric and flexible way to create an authentic customer experience. The company’s target groups were right at the heart of the whole creation process. We conducted extensive surveys and design studies with our partners muse case (user experience and e-commerce) and WE SOUND (audio branding).

On top of this, we developed a new sound logo and motion concept to underscore the brand’s spirit of discovery and playfulness. Focusing on the emotion of joy – the myToys feeling – we developed our own language and are laying the groundwork that will enable us to create a genuine sense of joy.

‘There was a great sense of harmony in the work we did together. We thoroughly enjoyed developing the brand further and giving it a more contemporary look to create a brand that not only sees itself as an online store but is also an ideal partner to all the families out there.’

Peter Matz,
Strichpunkt Studiolead Berlin

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