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Sodapop brings life to your water

Sustainable sparkling water systems are very much in vogue. There is now a machine in every third household. The market is booming and yet it is dominated by only a few big players. Time to change this: By acquiring a stake in SODAPOP Austria GmbH and founding SODAPOP GMBH, based in Bergisch Gladbach, the KRÜGER GROUP is laying the foundations for international growth in the sparkling water maker market.

Strichpunkt accompanied the brand in its development and closed the gap between the two top dogs Sodastream and Aarke with its positioning as an emotional lifestyle brand in the mid-price segment.

The brand, which was created for the mainstream, stands for a balance between design, utility and price. With its orientation, it satisfies all the emotional and rational needs of the target group of the style-conscious optimiser, who values style, sociability, quality and responsibility.

Sodapop gets close to the lives of the target group. In line with the brand story "We bring life to your water", it shows the diversity of the target group’s reality and proves that sparkling doesn't have to be a boring subject. Because the brand stands for bubbly water - as colourful as life itself. This liveliness is picked up by the design elements. First and foremost, the 3D-generated "bubbles" interact with the font and the product and appear in the neutral brand blue as well as in the individual syrup worlds.

A friend one likes to invite. That's why the sparklers are given names!

Sodapop takes part in life. Putting your feet up for a moment when everyone is taking their midday nap, socialising at a garden party with friends or preparing what must be the twelfth bottle of the thirsty kids at a children's birthday party: we show the enjoyment of everyday life. Vivid, close and authentic, the brand creates an accessibility for everyone. Or wouldn't you invite the new sparkler "Logan"?

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