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The digitalization of our work and living environments is already a reality. And it is accelerating. Equally real is the competition for talents, minds, and hands that plan, drive, and sustain this revolution. This applies to o2 Telefónica as well. As a true challenger brand, it has long established itself firmly at the top of the German market.

Therefore, it is essential to present a confident and holistic employer branding. This requires a strong communication profile that does justice to the wide variety of job profiles, as well as a central digital platform that gives all sub-brands a unifying momentum and a common home.

Diverse Brands, Diverse Profiles – One Hub for All

The pioneering claim – "can do" – is a promise to customers and at the same time a guiding principle of a shared corporate culture. As an employer, O2 Telefónica seeks people who want to make a difference, who are brave enough to explore new paths, and who want to contribute their own unique ideas: "unique minds, one ambition". To realize this collectively developed vision, we have adapted the design and tone of voice to accurately reflect this spirit. We have crafted an employer brand that both inspires and motivates – a brand that demonstrates that at o2 Telefónica, anything is possible when we embody the spirit together.

Central to this is the digital touchpoint. Therefore, much more than just a career page has been created – a hub, a digital place where people and companies, expertise, and networks come together. What sounds so coherent, and in the end appears so effortlessly natural, was both a challenge and a lure for us. In close collaboration with o2 Telefónica, Strichpunkt has shaped a diverse employer brand into a clear and unified profile. And a place where the enablers of today's and tomorrow's digitalization can find each other.

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