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TRUMPF's mission statement is to further develop and digitally network production technology and make it even more economical, precise and future-proof. With innovations in the field of photonics, TRUMPF wants to write a new chapter in laser technology - and to be ahead of the curve.

After all, those who master light shape the future. Photonics will fundamentally change our world through numerous new technologies. Two of these new technologies, extreme ultraviolet light and additive manufacturing, are comprehensively "illuminated" in the image section of the Annual Report.

The cover image of the 2017/18 Annual Report features a photographic replica of the famous double-slit experiment. For Trumpf, such moments of scientific prodigy underscore the fact that one must not only take up the developments of the time, but ideally anticipate them. Only this will enable future competitive advantages. The scattering of light in wave form is a design element throughout the entire Annual Report.

The subject of light is reflected in the report by very colour-intensive pages. We are referring to the spectral colours, the visible part of light. Whether pure and luminous, combined with picture reports or interwoven in fascinating colour sequences, this play of colours (light colours) also cites the variety of possibilities offered by light for technology. We contrast the colour-intensive pages with puristic but also striking text pages. High-contrast and lively typography picks up on the movement of light.

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