A global undertaking

Before the new corporate design was introduced, there were no consistent specifications. As a result, global communications were correspondingly varied. One of the most important tasks was to show sensitivity.

And to use it to convince all countries and divisions of the advantages of the new brand architecture and strategy.


Workshops for

the future

To begin with, there was a certain degree of resistance. Many employees identified more strongly with their product brand and were sceptical of the new business model. In jointly hosted Vorwerk and Strichpunkt workshops, managerial staff and brand managers were gradually persuaded of the advantages of the new brand architecture. This was achieved through a willingness to communicate and the highlighting of cross-selling potential and the positive halo effect of the umbrella brand on current and future product brands.

The process ultimately led not only to acceptance, but to a new-found pride in the Vorwerk brand.


Nico Wüst, Head of Strategie, Strichpunkt
auf dem Vorwerk Brand Workshop Barcelona

„The change required patience but the “Thermo-hype” and turnover volume speak for themselves.“ Nico Wüst,
Head of Strategy, Strichpunkt

Central contact point:

the Corporate Design Net

With the Corporate Design Net, employees across the globe can now find all the information and digital templates required to guarantee a consistent brand identity. Be it for business equipment, the image on the Internet, marketing materials or the architecture of Vorwerk shops. However, the CD Net offers more than just a consistent identity. It provides clear rules and intelligent tools and templates to save a great deal of time and money each year.

Corporate design as a smart investment.


A genuine

success story

For Vorwerk, the courage to change has paid off. Since the relaunch, the company has posted one record year after another. The new Thermomix TM5 alone, which was launched in 2014, achieved sales growth of 49.4% in 2015, and a further 20% in 2016. In recognition of the new direction, Vorwerk received the brand award in the "Best Brand Relaunch" category in 2015 and the German Brand Award in the "Brand Manager of the Year" category in 2016.

The history of the family-owned company from Wuppertal continues successfully into the future.


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