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So what’s daily life like in China? What about Google? No. Instagram? Not likely. WhatsApp? Nope. Instead, upwardly mobile Chinese rely on home-grown digital platforms, many of which the rest of the world has never heard of. Searches are conducted on Baidu, videos are watched on Youku, and it’s Didi (not Uber) that helps you get from A to B. Apps like WeChat, with over 800 million users, run China. And so how to do we learn about all of this? By living it, by having a team on the ground in China discovering all that this incredible country has to offer.

The energy, creativity and pace of China inspires us every day.

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1st January 1990 marked the beginning of a new generation in China. Highly mobile and always connected, for the „Post 90s“ generation, technology is an essential part of daily life. Hungry for new experiences, they gravitate towards opportunities for personalization and individualism. And at 211 million strong, they are the largest, and most important customer group on Earth.

Post-90s will not only change China, they will change the world.


China is already leading the way, shaping a future of digital intelligence that few other countries can match.

The future isn’t coming, it’s here.

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Together with Weltmeister, we have developed innovative digital assets that will open new opportunities not only for mobility, but also ways to build a strong community of like-minded consumers. Because Weltmeister is so much more than a car brand, it’s an ecosystem of digital services. Charging and sharing services, on-demand mobility options and integrated real-time journey mapping create all new possibilities for getting from A to B.

The future of mobility is not about what we build for the road, but what we build online.

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WM WECHAT Stickers

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per second

With over 38 billion messages sent every day, WeChat is one of the worlds most commonly used communication platforms. Much of this chatter involves the use of playful, whimsical stickers. Weltmeister wanted to create their own distinctive sticker series, so Strickpunkt developed the character “Ma Xiao Wei” (Little Weltmeister). This lovable hero is depicted in a series of animated stickers that were released for Beijing Motor Show 2018, and were quickly adopted by Weltmeisters’ target audience of post-90s consumers.

Creating a brand experience that will reach into the hearts, minds and messages of our Chinese audience.

„Brands like Weltmeister can change China,
and we’re with them for this journey.“

Markus Dunke

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