More than
a car brand

creating identity, moving people, changing the game


Creating vivid identity

from scratch

With Weltmeister we didn’t just create a flexible corporate design. We created a vivid identity from scratch. The gut feeling and unsettled approach to re-define the way we travel from A to B. Being involved from the very beginning, we formed the heart, mind and soul of this holistically conceived brand.

StrategyTarget Group

Moving brands

inspiring people

The heart of a brand beats in time with the heart of its buyer: digitally. A post-90s generation that has a strong interest in social networks and networking. 211 million young Chinese who value sharing more than owning and who think ‘we’ is stronger than ‘I’. People who will not forgive a brand that breaks a promise. And people who are open for any kind of technology that makes life smarter and simpler.

A generation that is not afraid of the future. But is ready for it.

"We are not a traditional car company. We see ourselves as a service company."

Freeman Shen,
Founder, Chairman & CEO WM Motor
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More than product

The ecosystem

WM Motor wants to do much more than sell reliable electric cars. The start-up by founder and chairman Freeman Shen consistently concentrates its thinking on the needs and wishes of its customers. In doing so, the customer is not just a buyer: Apps and cooperations grant countless users access to smart, digital services of a brand that is rethinking mobility. It will offer shared bikes. It will shape retail to be just as convenient as rental. And is already making it easier to charge electric cars with the WM charging app.

Weltmeister is on the way to an intelligent ecosystem that supports people on every step of their urban journey – 24/7.

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