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An innovative online store from Strichpunkt

TYPE HYPE is a collection of premium designer products based around the alphabet. Developed and executed by Strichpunkt, the label is designed in Berlin, made in Germany and displayed and sold in Berlin-Mitte.The design lines for paper goods, the home collection, accessories and fine food range from Bauhaus to vintage and are all produced on a sustainable basis by German manufacturers. Sample them online now:

The online store TYPEHYPE.com combines clear navigation, distinct product categories and a fast check-out process with snapshots of the most important manufacturing partners.The design, layout and e-commerce facility of the interactive platform are the work of the Strichpunkt Online Unit.

The store’s most exciting feature is the innovative 'Set Creator’, which works in real time to select items from the among 2,000 plus products in the TYPE HYPE collection. It then uses them to create a set that spells out a word or phrase previously entered by the user.Users can generate as many new sets as they like by simply clicking on the filters.

TYPEHYPE.com is optimised for use with all devices. Whether you access the site via a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, its design will automatically adjust to suit your device and ensure that you never lose sight of the clear, high-quality images showing off the premium products.

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