SP Online Session: Culture – Today’s game changer for a better tomorrow

May 27th // 8 AM or 5 PM


The Corona crisis triggers cultural, social and economic change and this change is picking up speed whose extent we can only assume now. We can only be sure that we will operate in a climate of uncertainty and change for quite some time. Culture Design is an important tool to master the current situation. Sign up now and prepare your organisation for these times of change!

Today we begin an era in which it is even more crucial to adapt quickly as a manager, as a team and as a company to accommodate new data and new demands. It is not enough to optimise what we learned in the past, but to invent the future. This is something not necessarily widespread in our process and security driven culture until today.

What has already become a firm fixture in corporate management in the US is becoming increasingly important across Europe and especially in Germany: Culture Design. For innovative companies, it remains the operating system and thus the heart of talent and company development.

How do we create a cultural environment in which people and organisations see challenges as opportunities to grow?

On May 27th we would like to give you an insight into this exciting topic. As part of an online session, we would like to share our experience, give initial impulses and talk about the opportunities and challenges in Culture Design.

The questions:

  • Why is a company's culture becoming increasingly important?
  • How can you successfully establish a culture that constantly rethinks and shapes the future?
  • What does Culture Design affect me personally?

Who is it for? If...

  • You have or will assume a leadership role in the company.
  • You want an objective view with competitive and comparative insights what is necessary for a successful cultural change.
  • A strategic redesign of your company has become necessary.
  • A systemic change is needed to appeal to young/ different talent or customers.
  • A pending generational change in your company.
  • An acquisition or merger gives you the opportunity to create a new organisational and cultural approach.
  • If your organisation's path together is not clear and you are looking for ideas to foster stability and collective resilience.

The Hosts:

Julia von Winterfeldt – Founder and owner of SOULWORX. Through her different management positions in Germany and abroad, Julia has a lot of experience with regard to what culture design means and the power it can develop for companies. Julia would like to give an insight into her experiences and especially encourage companies in Germany to pay more attention to this important topic: “Cultural change is an individual change of behavior, in a scaled form. To change an organisation or rather the culture of the organization, we have to focus on maximizing individual change.”

Philipp Brune – Managing director Strichpunkt. Philipp has accompanied many brands in the DACH region and globally in their transformation and change processes over the years. Philipp would like to evoke a change of perspective in Germany: “It is the culture that creates the framework for innovation and renewal. It is no longer a question of how we as a company would like to be perceived (marketing), but how we integrate culture in our decision-making processes, in our behavior and in our leadership. The culture has to be experienced by employees, customers and partners at the different touchpoints (Brand Experience). Culture Design plays a key role in this. ”

Markus Dunke – Head of Strichpunkt Studio Stuttgart and member of the management. Markus lived and worked in China for 4 years, among others in Shanghai and Beijing. He held various key positions at international companies in London and New York. Intercultural work remains a key part to his professional life as he sees culture design as a success factor for globally acting companies.

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