Brand Day Zurich 2018

Designing a mobile future

We are presenting the Weltmeister brand experience on October 25 in Zurich: Designing a mobile future

With case studies and projects by internationally renowned experts, the Brand Day is dedicated to the visual components and digital channels of brand communication and highlights their interconnection. James and Markus will be on stage at 3.30 pm giving insights into our work for the Chinese e-mobility startup WM Motor!

"Designing a mobile future" - China is experiencing a period of unprecedented change. As the world's largest single customer demographic, post-90s Chinese are the driving force behind huge push to build a more sustainable, more personal, more connected and increasingly on-demand future. Strickpunkt is helping to shape the new era as we work with our client WM Motor to create a brand that will bring integrated e-mobility solutions to a whole new generation of global consumers: Weltmeister - Always On.

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