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This world calls for a clear stance

We believe that good design helps brands navigate a changing world. A clear stance works at everywhere and on every device. With this in mind, we develop good, sometimes radical ideas. Designing holistic, sensory brand identities, leading to integrated brand experiences. Working prototypically on the challenges of the digital age.

Together with start-ups, hidden champions and DAX companies who see change as an opportunity.

We Are

People who design the future



All work at Strichpunkt is based on precise analyses. Our process begins with the values that make a brand stand out and extends into the future into whose trends and tendencies we project brand identities or entire business models. Only then is a design created. Not as a question of taste, but as a result of sound reasons.

Strichpunkt Modular Design —

It is time for a new kind of brand design!



and creatives

As multi-award-winning representatives of a European design tradition, we have been developing style-defining identities for more than 25 years. We believe that our work, with its precise typography and excellent design, expresses a deep understanding of the essence of our clients. In this regard, we are as open to the haptic experience of high-quality print communication as we are to the never-ending flow of new opportunities presented by all-pervading digitisation. We want to design.




Strichpunkt operates at the interface between design and technology. With discerning creative staff and experienced developers who think outside the box. Together, we focus on prototypical ways of working, create sensory brand experiences in every media environment and give things a form in which design is re-defined: gestures, speech and artificial intelligence. The interfaces of the future.

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about the stories that we tell for our clients

We visualise values. And tell stories that are rooted in them. Strong brand stories that form the core of inspiring communication. Creating identity. Giving the brands a face, a character and sometimes heroes as well. We tell stories with words and pictures that linger and change something. Stories that connect people and brands.



We’ll be honest: working with us can be quite an intense experience. We question things, favour the constructive exchange of views and are dedicated to achieving the best. Together with our clients, we look, not for the prettiest solution, but for the right solution. This sometimes calls for courage on both sides. But in addition to building long-term and trusting customer relationships, it leads to first-class results.


team workers

We believe that outstanding creation is the result of team work. When egos are set aside and every idea is given a hearing, extraordinary and unusual things can be achieved. This is an experience that we have long taken from the agency and applied to co-creation and collaborative processes with clients and service providers.

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Strichpunkt is part of the

MYTY Network

Since 2021, we have been a proud member of the MYTY network! MYTY is a fleet of many agile and complementary agencies and pursues the goal of bringing together forward-looking disciplines, primarily in the digital sector. MYTY currently unites 12 agencies with over 720 employees in 26 locations in Germany, Croatia and Switzerland.

The interconnected competences in the areas of strategy & consulting, creation, technology and marketing are constantly being expanded with the aim of becoming the leading agency group in Europe by 2025. Like all other partner agencies in the MYTY Group, Strichpunkt remains independent in its operational business, identity and culture.

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