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A business model that is fit for the future is one thing. Inspiring employees and customers with that business model is something else altogether. We work with brands that are among the best in their field when it comes to sustainability. Because they move and excite people. Because they clearly show what they stand for. And because they are taking the lead in a world where companies are increasingly judged on their ecological and social impact.

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Sustainable Brand Leadership

The World is changing. And so are Brands.

We identify your brand’s sustainability potential and work with you to develop guidelines for your sustainable transformation. We know where to look more closely. We identify partnerships, responsibilities and solutions. We turn sustainability into a game-changer.

Business in motion

Three in four applicants nowadays already judge future employers based on their sustainability profile. 30% of employees say they have turned their back on a company in the past because the company's sustainability performance was less than optimal. And almost two-thirds of consumers take ethical considerations into account when deciding what to buy. In other words, sustainability may not be the golden ticket to business success – but business success is impossible without it.

Sources: Stepstone 2021 (Survey with 12.000 participants) Fast Company 2019, OTTO Trendstudie 2023

Turbo-charge your transformation

More and more companies are realising that they are working hard on sustainability without their stakeholders really noticing. Sustainability needs to be placed at the heart of a brand in order for it to come across as truly authentic and coherent – and have the desired long-term impact. And this can often end up turbo-charging a company’s development.

Beyond the mainstream

Over the coming years, laws and regulations such as mandatory sustainability reporting (CSRD) will force almost every company to address the topic of sustainability (and we believe that is a good thing!). However, that also means sustainability will become commonplace. Our Sustainable Brand Leadership hub helps brands to identify the sustainability parameters that are truly relevant to them. So that they can stand out in a sea of mediocrity. And take the lead sustainably.

A strong brand essence

As a design and branding agency, we develop brands that are among the best in their field when it comes to sustainability. Because we have been leading the way in brand architecture and strategy for many years. And because we understand that, in essence, sustainability is a licence to operate for anyone who wants to still be in business tomorrow.

No more greenwashing

In the long run, a brand story can only be as persuasive as the foundations on which it is built. With this in mind, we help clients who want to make their core business more sustainable. Our partner analysts and agencies are among the most accomplished in their field, and we are happy to recommend them.

360° impact

We get to the heart of the matter. We take even extremely complex content and use it to develop tangible and authentic messages. We turn your employees into participants and your customers into fans. We help the relevant facets of your brand’s sustainability to shine across the channels and formats that matter to you.


Our work always begins with a detailed analysis. What does your brand currently stand for, what aspects of its sustainability are perceived and by whom – and if not, why not? Our tried and tested proprietary 5C model visualises the perception of your brand’s sustainability and identifies its weaknesses, strengths and potential.


This 5C analysis is followed by a management summary containing clear recommendations for more effective sustainability communication. We work with you to develop a narrative, an ESG messaging house, a communication strategy or a more holistic brand identity – whatever your brand needs right now to have a more sustainable impact.


Sustainability is not a fleeting trend or a settled fact, it is a continuous forward movement. Any company that wants to become and remain a sustainability leader needs to constantly optimise its performance. Our systematic sustainable brand assessments and sustainable incubator workshops help you to take a clear lead – and stay there in the long term.

Let’s talk about

  • Brand analysis: the 5C check
  • ESG messaging house
  • Sustainable brand management, brand development & brand experience

Brands have the great power to inspire identity and value-based change in people and organisations. They are the guiding stars to encourage all stakeholders to work together for a more sustainable future.

How sustainable is your Brand?

We identify your brands sustainability potential and translate it into effective and inspiring formats for interaction and communication.

Five critical success factors (5Cs)

Our 5C Model

We examine the five critical success factors (5Cs) when determining the role that sustainability can play in your brand experience.


  • How credible is your brand’s sustainability aspiration?
  • Does your business have a significant critical impact on the environment and society, i.e. with pollution or excessive use of resources?
  • Can your company build and maintain a realistic and authentic sustainability narrative that people will genuinely accept?
Credibility matters

  • Are you 100% serious about sustainability?
  • Is your management team aligned and committed to creating a long-term sustainability impact?
  • Are there meaningful initiatives, that demonstrate your sustainability involvement both internally and externally?
  • Is your entire team/organization aware of the role and importance of sustainability for your company and brand success?
Commitment matters

  • Does sustainability play a creative role in your brand experience?
  • Have you identified your brand’s sustainable potential and its key content, communication and storytelling assets?
  • Are you presenting the sustainable side of your brand in a way that’s relevant, memorable and intriguing to your audiences?
  • Are your communication and content formats optimized to deliver your sustainability messaging in a creative and compelling way?
Creativity matters

  • Is your sustainability related messaging, content and communication easy to understand?
  • Do you have a prominent sustainability vision, mission or purpose for your brand?
  • Are your sustainability terminologies, messages and communication materials understandable and linked to your sustainability goals?
  • Does your sustainable brand experience differentiate from your competitors?
Clarity matters

  • How will people experience and engage with your brand’s sustainable side over time?
  • Are your brand’s sustainability challenges, goals and results communicated regularly and clearly?
  • Do you have the topics, touchpoints and technology in place to deliver a lasting sustainability experience - for your employees and customers?
  • How can your brand sustainability story maintain momentum?
  • Do you have a long-term sustainability agenda and aspirational milestones?
  • Do you have measures in place to track, evaluate and adjust your brand sustainability objectives?
Continuity matters

Sustainability is good and right.

But how do we inform and inspire with it?

Sustainable Brand Stories: The podcast for sustainably successful brands & communication.

Good News

Oct 31, 2023

Strichpunkt is partner at the "Bock auf Morgen" Festival

For all those who want to rethink sustainable communication, Berlin's Radialsystem is the place to be on 29/30 November. At the first festival for sustainable marketing, you will meet Maja Göpel, Manfred Meindl (Vaude), Gregor Hagedorn (Scientists for Future) and the finalists of this year's Marketing for Future Award. We at Strichpunkt are not only partners of the festival, but will also be there with two deep dive sessions!

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Oct 25, 2023

SUSTAINABLE BRAND STORIES #14 Stephan Grünewald, Psychologe und Bestsellerautor

Der Psychologe und Bestsellerautor Stephan Grünewald erklärt, was uns Deutsche bewegt und wie Marken zukunftsfähig kommunizieren können.

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Oct 4, 2023

CSRD Online Session – watch the recording

We were really pleased about the great interest in our online session on the EU CSR Directive. We have recorded the session for all those who were unable to attend! (German only)

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