How sustainable is your Brand?

We identify your brands sustainability potential and translate it into effective and inspiring formats for interaction and communication.

Five critical success factors (5Cs)

Our 5C Model

We examine the five critical success factors (5Cs) when determining the role that sustainability can play in your brand experience.


  • How credible is your brand’s sustainability aspiration?
  • Does your business have a significant critical impact on the environment and society, i.e. with pollution or excessive use of resources?
  • Can your company build and maintain a realistic and authentic sustainability narrative that people will genuinely accept?
Credibility matters

  • Are you 100% serious about sustainability?
  • Is your management team aligned and committed to creating a long-term sustainability impact?
  • Are there meaningful initiatives, that demonstrate your sustainability involvement both internally and externally?
  • Is your entire team/organization aware of the role and importance of sustainability for your company and brand success?
Commitment matters

  • Does sustainability play a creative role in your brand experience?
  • Have you identified your brand’s sustainable potential and its key content, communication and storytelling assets?
  • Are you presenting the sustainable side of your brand in a way that’s relevant, memorable and intriguing to your audiences?
  • Are your communication and content formats optimized to deliver your sustainability messaging in a creative and compelling way?
Creativity matters

  • Is your sustainability related messaging, content and communication easy to understand?
  • Do you have a prominent sustainability vision, mission or purpose for your brand?
  • Are your sustainability terminologies, messages and communication materials understandable and linked to your sustainability goals?
  • Does your sustainable brand experience differentiate from your competitors?
Clarity matters

  • How will people experience and engage with your brand’s sustainable side over time?
  • Are your brand’s sustainability challenges, goals and results communicated regularly and clearly?
  • Do you have the topics, touchpoints and technology in place to deliver a lasting sustainability experience - for your employees and customers?
  • How can your brand sustainability story maintain momentum?
  • Do you have a long-term sustainability agenda and aspirational milestones?
  • Do you have measures in place to track, evaluate and adjust your brand sustainability objectives?
Continuity matters

Unlock your brand’s sustainable potential.

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Using the 5C-model we systematically analyse the success parameters of sustainable brand experiences.

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Sustainable Brand Stories: Der Podcast für nachhaltig erfolgreiche Marken & Kommunikation.

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Mar 7, 2023

No more smokescreens about meaningless advertising promises

It is quite possible that promotional promises such as "environmentally friendly" or "climate neutral" will soon no longer be allowed to be used. In any case, they are meaningless. The EU now wants to take action.

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Feb 8, 2023

Sustainable Brand Stories #11 with Matthias Juhnke – Head of Strategy, Strichpunkt

How credible does a brand really appear? How sustainably is it perceived? With the 5C model, Strichpunkt Design systematically tests and evaluates all these factors that are decisive for a sustainable brand presence. Chief strategist Matthias Juhnke explains the model.

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