Against hate & agitation

Strichpunkt Design stands for Diversity and Tolerance

We stand for diversity, open-mindedness and respect. We believe that different backgrounds and perspectives have fueled our creativity and innovative strength in recent years.

Each individual brings their own personal experience and ideas to the table, and this is what makes our way of working and thinking so unique.

We are not just a team, but a community that challenges and encourages each other precisely because of our diversity. There is no room for discrimination, exclusion or hatred in this innovative interaction. We stand for a world in which diversity is a strength and in which everyone is welcome, regardless of origin or skin color. We take a clear stance against all forms of right-wing extremism and racism.

We consciously create plenty of space for discussion and tolerance. We want every employee to feel respected, regardless of their background. Because only in an environment characterized by openness and tolerance can we develop brands that are successful in global markets. Together, we can shape a culture of diversity and respect and thus actively contribute to creating an inclusive society in which everyone can develop their full potential.