SP Online Session: What's next?

Crossmapping the Future


What's next? We shed light on the interaction of global megatrends together with Andrej Heinke, Vice President for Corporate Foresight in the Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering at Robert Bosch GmbH. 15 July 2021 / 5 pm.

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July 15, 5 pm

How do we integrate lasting megatrends into our entrepreneurial and structural decisions for the future?
Megatrends show the central global lines of development. For more than 10 years, Dr Andrej Heinke has been researching the interaction of megatrends and the future potentials they hold. The Megatrend Reports, produced in cooperation with filmmaker Alexander Kluge and Strichpunkt, outline the major global lines of development: essays and interviews with technology and business experts, sociologists, political scientists, ethicists and risk researchers place the formative technological and social developments in a broad context and thus paint a vivid picture of the future.

The report is quickly out of stock every year; we bring the contents - with a special focus on a current topic - to the virtual stage! In spotlight:
Restart after Corona - "After" Corona and in the midst of climate change, our lives and consumer behaviour will change permanently. Which megatrends will determine the coming decade - and how?

Dr Andrej Heinke, Vice President for Corporate Foresight at Bosch, talks to Katharina Bergmann, Senior Concept Developer and Jochen Theurer, Creative Director at Strichpunkt in our 90-minute online session.

We will take an explorative journey into the world of tomorrow with valuable insights from the future research of the leading technology group in a keynote speech, in conversation and in exchange with you, the participants.

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What's next? Crossmapping the Future!

We shed light on the interaction of global megatrends.

Keynote, interview and open Q&A
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July 15, 5 pm

Contents of the Online Session:
In a disruptive time in which the global pandemic has accelerated, slowed down or changed many development trends, we ask:

  • What innovation potentials for new products and services are emerging in digitalised markets and communities, large and small?
  • How do we integrate long-term megatrends into our entrepreneurial and creative decisions for the future?
  • How will we live and work tomorrow?
  • How will new agile and collaborative models of living and working change us?
  • What are the opportunities and risks of new AI-based innovations and technologies?

Who is this online session interesting for?

  • For all those who want to broaden their horizons and better integrate profound future trends into their decisions.
  • For decision-makers who want to make sustainable strategic decisions in times of disruptive change.
  • For decision-makers who drive forward-looking transformation processes in companies and in the market.

Our Guest:

Dr Andrej Heinke
is Vice President for Corporate Foresight in the Corporate Research and Advance Engineering Division of Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart. After studies in Berlin, Leipzig, Stanford and Harvard, he worked at Daimler-Benz AG in Berlin, SONY in Tokyo and in the planning office of the German Foreign Office in Berlin.

The Hosts:

Katharina Bergmann
is Senior Concept Developer at Strichpunkt. She has been developing creative concepts for brands and their stories since 2014. The most important thing for her is curiosity and free thinking. "The future means: everything is possible."

Jochen Theurer
is Creative Director and has been with Strichpunkt since 2006. He is one of the agency's top creatives. Jochen Theurer discovered his great talent for conception & storytelling early in his career. In recent years, he has developed a large number of brand stories for major brands. Future is always present for Jochen: "As designers, we have to shape the future of brands every day. The Megatrend Report is certainly the supreme discipline, as well as always very exciting, because we learn a lot in terms of content."