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Recruiting and retaining employees is becoming a central strategic challenge for successful and growing companies. The days when companies used to set the pace on the job market are long gone. Or as Josh Bersin, probably the most-cited US analyst, put it: “The war for talent is over. Talent has won!”

Unfortunately, the online session will only be held in German - if you would like to discuss the topic in English, please be sure to contact us directly! Lena Draffehn is happy to receive a message at l.draffehn@sp.design.

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The fact is that fewer and fewer candidates nowadays are making decisions about companies based on a company’s careers pages. Brands that have a captivating story to tell, convey this story in a compelling way and make a credible overall impression have much better chances of communicating a new working culture that is attractive and engaging.

In this market situation, which is completely new to many companies, isolated employer branding actions or sporadic, flashy recruitment campaigns have little prospect of success. The thinking behind them is often short-term, and they no longer meet the increasing expectations of prospective applicants. Companies that want to attract talented and motivated employees need a long-term and integrated strategy. They need a strong brand and powerful internal and external communications. Successful employer branding is becoming increasingly dissociated from standardised recruitment – especially in times when people can be hired wherever they live and work remotely and the competition for talent is becoming fiercer, more creative and more global.

In our next online session on 20 September at 4 p.m., we would like to share insights and experience from our brand and communications work that are essential to establishing and developing a sustainable employer brand – from fundamental brand positioning work and strategic orientation as an employer brand right through to keys to success for internal and external communications. Becoming a strong employer brand is an intensive and extensive process that pays off in the long term.

In the online session lasting around 60 minutes, Philipp Brune (CEO of Strichpunkt), Matthias Juhnke (Head of Strategy) and Maria Strodt (Senior Strategist) will share selected insights and actual examples of the requirements that companies need to meet in order to become more attractive to applicants and employees in the future. They will shed light on how and why HR, marketing and communications departments will need to work together in an integrated manner.

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People who might be interested in the recording of the online session:

  • All HR, staff development and recruitment managers who are looking for a mindset and set-up that will help them to build a successful future.
  • All those who would like to broaden their horizons and incorporate new possibilities into their decision-making in HR and recruitment matters.
  • Brand managers and decision-makers who have already grasped that cross-departmental collaboration is the key to a successful candidate and employee journey.

Your hosts

Philipp Brune, CEO of Strichpunkt
Philipp has 15 years of experience in strategic brand consulting and brand transformation and passionately guides customers through strategic, visual and cultural change processes. Digital transformation is the catalyst for nearly all projects that STRICHPUNKT works on as a strategy and design agency. Philipp’s credo is that transformation requires not only identity but also a sound pool of data.

Matthias Juhnke, Head of Strategy Strichpunkt
Matthias was born in Wolfsburg, grew up in Toronto and currently lives in Berlin. For 15 years, he has been leading and supporting brand development processes in a range of sectors and roles – from communications, brand and social media strategy, the design and development of sporting and music events through to the running of open innovation and crowdsourcing projects on international creative platforms.

Maria Strodt, Senior Strategist Strichpunkt
Maria has been a member of the STRICHPUNKT team for over six years. She guides German and international companies through integrated strategy processes. Drawing on her studies in intercultural business communication and experience from various traditional and specialised communications roles, she strives to take a holistic approach to brand development, bringing together corporate objectives and corporate culture.

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