SP x planetly #DoBetter:

We are CO2-neutral!


We have reached a milestone in our #DoBetter initiative: we are CO2 neutral!

A lot has happened since the announcement of our #DoBetter initiative! We'll do this the easy way and simply quote from our latest internal #DoBetter update:

We have achieved our first goal! Without this-that and seventeen hashtags, straight out:


What does that mean?

To calculate our carbon footprint, we teamed up with Planetly to take a closer look at all relevant activities throughout Strichpunkt's operations. In total, Strichpunkt had a footprint of 502.8 t CO2e in 2020. Despite the home office year in 2020, the biggest emitters at Strichpunkt are employee-related emissions, including employee commuting, the vehicle fleet and business travel, but the professional service providers we use as a company also have a significant impact. Building-related emissions such as electricity and heating make up the third largest part of our carbon footprint. We have offset these emissions by purchasing carbon credits and have rounded them up generously as a precaution.
But one thing is very clear:

The real work lies in actively reducing our CO2 emissions.

We are taking a close look at all areas of the agency. Everyday life, office, processes and a particularly thick but exciting part: the current and future projects. Sustainable brand development in all its dimensions.

What has already been changed?

We try to be more conscious in our everyday decisions, even in the little things like changing toilet paper suppliers ;-) For some time now, we have been "train first" for all distances under 800 km, said goodbye to disposable tableware, introduced green electricity for the Berlin office, reduced business travel "with or without" Corona, provided public transport support for our colleagues and used green service providers for deliveries.

What's coming?

There are contracts that you can't cancel overnight, so some things may go more slowly than we would like, but they are starting! Other measures to reduce emissions include the step-by-step conversion of the vehicle fleet to a hybrid/e-mobility fleet, the introduction of intelligent heating and lighting management and the switch to sustainable consumables. What will be particularly exciting: We are currently developing a method to offer our clients climate-neutral project management in the future. For more insights, be sure to visit Planetly for a detailed case study with facts, figures, measures and an insight into the climate projects we support in India, Ethiopia & Indonesia.

Case Study
SP #DoBetter: An initiative driven by a great group of colleagues is currently unfolding in more and more areas of the agency. Stay up to date and follow us on our social media channels!

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