Motion Branding for Sparkasse

Strichpunkt sets new standards

With the newsroom of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, the Stuttgart-based design and branding agency Strichpunkt has developed a holistic motion branding that is not only individualized for the individual branches, but can also be distributed via various touchpoints.

Stuttgart/Berlin, March 19, 2024 As part of a pilot project for a new brand management, Strichpunkt has designed a holistic motion branding for the newsroom of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, which enables the more than 350 local associations across Germany to have a uniform yet individualized presence across all touchpoints. This is made possible by a modular approach: essential basic elements of the motion design were defined, elaborated and systematized in a guideline. This means that the animated content can be used quickly and easily for individual applications.

The new motion branding forms the basis for a coherent appearance and includes a range of assets such as logo animations, video openers, video endings, text and graphic animations, banners, etc. These can be displayed across various touchpoints - from the digital monitors of ATMs to social media platforms and cinema/TV.

Based on the existing brand design, Strichpunkt developed a contemporary look and feel for the new motion design, which is derived from the interactions that millions of people experience with the Sparkasse institutions every day. The ease of use of the various assets and the ability to customize them enable effective processes behind the scenes and contribute significantly to a consistent brand presence across all local branches, all communication channels and all touchpoints to the world. The results of the new motion branding will be integrated into all central and regional video advertising campaigns of the Sparkasse from now on.

Silke Lehm, Co-Head of Newsroom at Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe: "The new motion design picks up on the design ideas of our iconic brand elements, takes them further, brings them to life and thus manages to combine history and the future. Our goal is to use the design to strengthen the digital brand experience and increase brand awareness."

Peter Matz, Studiolead Berlin/Hamburg and Member of the Executive Board of Strichpunkt: "By developing a process for the systematic design, documentation, distribution and implementation of motion design elements, we have equipped the Sparkasse with the necessary tools to enable a holistic and scalable brand presence with recognition value beyond the individual branches. Our motion guideline is the compass that can be continuously supplemented with additional elements."

Credits: Strichpunkt Newsroom of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Joint operation of Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e.V. & S-Communication Services GmbH)