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Corporate Startups


From the idea, to the spin-off, to the brand development. A 60-minute bootcamp on March 11, 2021 at 5 pm. Sign up now!

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The Corona crisis and the associated changes appear to be accelerating transformation projects of many companies. Driven by the high dynamics in the markets and new disruptive competitors, established companies have to prove their speed of innovation more than ever before.
But not only since Clayton M. Christensen`s book "The Innovator's Dilemma" is it known how difficult it is for traditional companies to reshape their future.
For some years now, the establishment of new, separately operating subsidiaries ("corporate startups") has been a successful approach for many corporations, but also for medium-sized companies. In some cases, startups are "produced" in corporate incubators as if on an assembly line - at least in theory.
But what is easily explained on PowerPoint slides for the board of directors becomes a Herculean task, especially when it comes to implementation. Especially when the company lacks the necessary experience. The goal of combining the best of both worlds - the agility and courage of a startup with the experience and resources of a corporation - is often missed.

In a joint online session with our cooperation partner Excubate, we would like to provide an insight into this enormously important field of action. The topics of brand architecture & branding are on the agenda as well as insights into individual corporate startups and common excubation models.

Are you in?
Corporate Startups - from the idea, to the spin-off, to the brand development
A 60-minute bootcamp / March 11, 2021 / 5 pm (german session)

Topics of the online session:

  • What defines corporate innovation and how does a corporate startup differ from a typical startup?
  • What factors determine the success of a Corporate Startup and how can they be addressed?
  • How does the excubation model work as a repeatable approach to building corporate startups?
  • How do you successfully build a startup brand?
  • Why a "Minimal Viable Brand" is so important in this setup to prevent million-dollar graves.

    For whom this online session is interesting:
  • Managing directors and executives in medium-sized and large companies and corporations
  • Executives in corporate strategy, innovation and digitalization
  • Executives in corporate startups who want to make their collaboration with the corporation more effective
  • Brand decision makers facing the challenge of bringing a startup brand to market in an integrated model

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The hosts:
Dr. Markus Anding - co-founder and managing director of Excubate Corporate Startups. Markus and his team support established companies in the development, implementation and scaling of new business models in the form of corporate startups, where he also takes on entrepreneurial co-responsibility. The business information scientist founded his first company in 2000 as a software-as-a-service provider for medium-sized companies. After 12 years at Bain & Company, during which he advised telecommunications and technology companies in Europe, the USA and Australia, among others, and founded a startup in the real estate sector, Markus started the management consultancy Excubate with a partner and expanded it to currently 25 employees. In addition to digitizing the core business of his clients, Markus focuses on building digital (software) business models and the corresponding further development of the Excubate model.

Philipp Brune – CEO Strichpunkt.
In recent years, Philipp has accompanied many brands in Germany and abroad through large and complex transformations and change processes. But he has also supported a large number of startups on their journey. He wants to encourage companies to embrace change and will share some success factors to do so. The more integrated a company approaches the topic of startups, the greater the chances of success.

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