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Beauty is dispensable, AI takes away our work, China ascends the design throne: Jochen Rädeker has formulated eight controversial theses on the future of design in the new decade. Published as a cover story in the March issue of PAGE Magazine.

The design profession has always been volatile. Not only are the tools we work with constantly changing and growing exponentially, but economic and social circumstances constantly challenge us to redefine - and indeed defend - the role of design. To start the new decade, we wanted to take a look inside the crystal ball: What can professional designers expect in the 2020s? How will working conditions change in times of automation and artificial intelligence? How will we earn our living in the future?

Jochen Rädeker formulated eight theses for the PAGE magazine - deliberately pointed and provocative. Further theses will soon be published in a book that Rädeker is currently working on.

The results are sometimes aggressive, sometimes differentiating, sometimes thinking ahead - and always exciting. In PAGE 3.20, all eight theses will be published together with the counter.

We hope you enjoy reading and of course we hope you will join the discussion!

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