Meet Andrea Cvijanovic

- SP People Edition #4

At STRICHPUNKT, there are people who put their heart and soul into their work. Who want to grow together. Who like to work in an atmosphere where it is fun. Reason enough to get to know these people better!

Good Design needs Good People! And not only in design, but in many different areas: From UX, Development and Motion through Strategy, Creation and Design Systems to HR, Communications and Finance. Around 140 fascinating people who are Strichpunkt together.

The backbone of the agency: our finance department. Andrea is part of this team and tells us what her tasks are today, clears up prejudices against the dusty financial accounting and tells us what is special about finance in a design agency.

Hello Andrea, what are you doing at Strichpunkt?
I work in financial accounting as a Senior Financial Accountant. My tasks range from accounts payable and accounts receivable to the ongoing coordination with our tax advisor to monthly and annual financial statements. In short: Keeping the business alive ;-)

Why Strichpunkt?
Strichpunkt is something completely different. At SP you walk in and immediately feel the open, relaxed atmosphere. Cool people, creativity is in the air. Especially pleasant: no dress code - I used to have two wardrobes. The neat working clothes and the casual leisure outfits. At Strichpunkt I can simply be myself and wear what I want :-)

Where were you before Strichpunkt?
At a tax consultant's. Another world.

What prejudices about the "boring" financial accounting would you like to eliminate?
"Accounting is dull, it's always the same" - No, it's not. Really! Every day you have to deal with different tasks & topics. Of course it's always about bills & Co. But Finance is a staff unit: Like HR, we have a great deal of contact with a wide variety of people inside and outside the agency. And that's exactly what makes it interesting. Especially when the people around you are as creative as at SP!

What's so special about accounting at SP?
The environment. To be surrounded by creativity, innovation & exciting people. Of course, the finance team also participates in our exchange and creative formats: Every Monday, the entire agency at all locations (including Hamburg, Berlin and Shanghai) talks about the current week, what's going on, who's on the road and where. At the monthly Drinks & More we present and discuss ongoing and completed projects. You simply don't have that in the classic bookkeeper environment. And that's fun!

How do Design & Finance fit together?
A great fit! Especially if you are an open-minded person and interested in aesthetics and design - then you've come to the right place. Bills can also be beautiful. Seriously ;-)

"Strichpunkt's motto is "The future belongs to the brave" - what does courage mean to you?
The change from a tax consultant to Strichpunkt was brave for me. Immersing yourself in this completely different world and leaving the sheltered bookkeeping environment - that takes a certain amount of guts. But it's worth it!

Your conclusion?
In an accountant's environment you are reduced to numbers. At Strichpunkt you work in a vibrant, creative environment and can simply be yourself.

Would you like to become part of the Strichpunkt team? Here you can find our vacancies. We look forward to receiving your application!