Strichpunkt redesigns

Lamborghini’s brand identity

The Stuttgart design and branding agency has completely overhauled the corporate design of the luxury brand for high-performance vehicles. Italian carmaker Lamborghini’s new overall identity combines traditional elegance with a refined logo, contemporary imagery and progressive typography.

Stuttgart, March 23rd 2024. Strichpunkt was hired as a new branding agency to redesign the Italian car brand Lamborghini. The logo with the iconic bull was carefully refined, a new font was created, and a brand portal was established featuring all the CI/CD elements for brand communications, all intended to give the brand an authentic, brave and unexpected character. The redesign is reflective of Lamborghini’s “Driving humans beyond” strategy, which is striving not only to speak to the existing target audience, but also to new generations.

A powerful design language for a prestigious brand

Front and center of the new overall identity is the refined shield logo, which has been stripped back to its essential elements while retaining its characteristic features. Strichpunkt worked closely with Character Type to create a new and updated version of the “Lamborghini” lettering, based on the logo’s original lettering, creating an in-house font called “Lambotype”.

The creation of the design language was comprehensively inspired by Lamborghini’s unique design DNA right down to every last detail – from its striking icons through to its clear, functional colors. The CI/CD elements are available in the new brand portal, which will immediately be used as a central all-in-one resource to considerably simplify Lamborghini’s brand communications.

Christian Mastro, Marketing Director said, “We set ourselves the aim of making our brand essential and iconic, more emotive and more transnational, remaining faithful to our Lamborghini heritage and our brand DNA. We want our unmistakable style to be visible in every detail of the brand and in every step of our customer experience.”

Markus Dunke, Strichpunkt’s Chief Client Officer and Studio Lead Stuttgart, said, “Strichpunkt was invited to create a visionary brand concept and design that takes the ‘Driving humans beyond’ strategy to a whole new level. This project will transform the brand in an unparalleled way.”

Strichpunkt beat other international competitors to be granted Lamborghini’s branding budget in January 2023. The collaboration with Character Type, Liganova, Klangerfinder and AOIRO is what led to the success of the pitch.

Detailed information about the Lamborghini case can be found here.

Strichpunkt redesigns Lamborghini's Brand Identity Strichpunkt redesigns Lamborghini's Brand Identity Strichpunkt redesignt Lamborghini's Brand Identity Strichpunkt redesigns Lamborghini's Brand Identity Strichpunkt redesigns Lamborghini's Brand Identity