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Lamborghini is embarking on a transformative era characterized by innovation and pushing boundaries. It is the first time since 1998 that the logo has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. From now on, every curve, symbol, and experience in the new brand design of Strichpunkt embodies the heart and soul of the iconic luxury brand. It seamlessly blends its glorious history and promising future.

We have carefully crafted a distinctive design language for the prestigious brand that perfectly conveys Lamborghini's "Driving humans beyond" strategy. It reaches out to a diverse audience spanning generations.

All of this is elegantly documented in a user-friendly new digital brand portal that not only demonstrates the brand's fundamentals, but also spotlights its multi-faceted applications – seamlessly transitioning from effortlessly elegant visuals to loud, bold ones. Ready to move beyond limitations.

„Our task? To craft a brand image that's as unexpected as the cars themselves, grabbing the attention of both loyal fans and the Gen Z crowd. The new Lamborghini brand celebrates a synthesis between iconic aesthetics & function for a digital future.“

Nicola Wetzel
Design Director (Strichpunkt)

„We've injected Lamborghini's DNA into every detail, from the new logo and custom 'Lambotype', to the balancend color palette and flexible layout approach. With this project we have redefined our limits.“

Marcel Ziegler
Senior Art Director (Strichpunkt)
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The powerful


Strichpunkt together with Character Type has developed an exclusive new corporate typeface combining Lamborghini's design DNA with a human touch, resulting in unparalleled character.

Variable Lambotype enables a wide spectrum of visual expressions and moods. It's the ultimate way to ensure messages are tailor-made for every audience and every context, delivering a consistent and captivating experience that resonates across diverse platforms, elevating dialogue in the digital age.

Lambotype, just as the brand in general, spotlights the extraordinary, the unconventional, breaking the general rules to set new standards every time.

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The one-stop


Every element in the new brand design has been meticulously crafted – from striking icons to compelling storytelling imagery and clear, functional colours. The layout system is as elegant as it is versatile, embodying simplicity at its finest.
The comprehensive CI/CD portal is the new one-stop resource for everybody working with the brand. It’s an all-encompassing guide designed to ensure a uniform and impactful expression of the Lamborghini brand. This is the future of luxury, redefined.

Images: Philipp Rupprecht, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., Strichpunkt
Sound Brand Movie: Klangerfinder

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