Corporate Identity / Corporate Design

OneQrew aims to become the central partner for the skilled crafts sector. Formed in 2021, the group of successful software companies in the skilled trades sector supports the skilled trades industry in its digital transformation. With their products, they want to make their customers' day-to-day work easier and enable them to focus on what really matters - their passion for craftsmanship. In short: More craftsmanship. Less office. We supported the fast-growing OneQrew in its branding process from the ground up.

In a compact analysis and strategy phase, we laid the foundation for the brand development. This resulted in the brand identity, the brand story and a strong brand design that focuses on the customers and their passion for craftsmanship. An authentic appearance with character confidently positions the new brand in the industry. To particularly inspire employees for the new brand, a holistic communication concept was developed.

For OneQrew, a strong and flexible branding was developed that can be used optimally across all media. The combination of the letters "O" and "Q" forms a powerful and simple symbol that is also used as an icon and marker in the branding. All other design elements are derived from the formal language of the logo. The color scheme is particularly characteristic, clearly differentiating OneQrew from the competition.

The communication concept "OneMission. OneQrew. Fully programmed for craftsmanship." for the internal brand launch, picks up on elements from the software/coding context in terms of content and visuals and is the perfect companion for the successful launch of the new brand. Among other things, we accompanied the OneQrew launch event in Hanover and helped develop various measures.

"Cooperation at eye level, professional advice and a genuine implementation mentality. Fast staffing, top project management and a convincing path to the result: creating a strong brand in such a dynamic context and thus laying the foundation for something big: Hats off! And thank you."

Dominik Hartmann,
CEO, OneQrew

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