ONTRAS Wasserstoff. Region. Ostdeutschland.

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With the ONTRAS Wasserstoff. Region. Ostdeutschland. we are directly shaping the transformation in the energy sector. The website focuses on the hydrogen infrastructure of the Eastern German region. The step towards a climate-neutral future with hydrogen can only succeed if we join forces. The website aims to advance the region on the path to a shared climate-neutral future. It aims to create visibility for the region's hydrogen potential by showcasing players and projects. With clever concepts and projects, with courage and the will to create.

As a transmission system operator, ONTRAS is actively promoting the development of the Eastern German hydrogen network. However, the region's diverse hydrogen potential, projects and players are crucial to this. A visually differentiating identity had to be created in order to increase the visibility of the various hydrogen players and initiatives in the Wasserstoff. Region. Ostdeutschland. Always with the goal of connecting the region's players, imparting knowledge and jointly moving towards a climate-neutral future.

As there needed to be a relationship back to the ONTRAS brand, we developed new design elements based on a thorough analysis of the existing CD elements. Together with the client, we focused on the values of simplicity, accessibility and diversity. The design elements were conceived in such a way that they offer a high level of flexibility and a wide range of possible applications while still creating a clear differentiation. The new brand design visualizes not only the technological innovation, but also the pipeline network and the cooperation between the individual players. Characteristic quarter circles represent the development potential in the hydrogen sector.

The result is an independent, eye-catching branding that still clearly belongs to the ONTRAS brand. The focus is on the realization of a website with an interactive network map that provides information and visualizes the hydrogen infrastructure.

The ONTRAS H2 initial network is equivalent to laying the foundation for the hydrogen infrastructure in Eastern Germany. Thanks to the website and the network map, it is now possible for the various players to acquire valuable know-how, as the website contains useful information about the potential of the hydrogen region of Eastern Germany, various projects and hydrogen as an energy source. From hydrogen colors to production and usage possibilities to the political framework. A platform has been created that will significantly support the development of the future hydrogen economy in Eastern Germany and ensure transparency.

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