METRO Fundamentals

Employer Branding

In times of change, brand identity is very constructive. It lasts, even if the market changes. Strong brand activities create identification and guide action. We are delighted that we have been given the opportunity to visually underline the corporate values of our long-standing client METRO AG.

With around 95,000 employees in over 660 METRO wholesale stores in more than 30 countries, the METRO is a huge global family. But how do you ensure that all METRO employees pull together with the same enthusiasm and have a common goal in mind?

The Fundamentals lead the way at METRO. This means they apply to everyone, and all METRO employees are guided by them every day - in their work and in their dealings with everyone who works with them. The Fundamentals describe how they approach their daily work: curious and close to people, courageous and determined. And they act together as a team as ONE METRO.

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