Sustainable Brand Stories #11

with Matthias Juhnke – Head of Strategy, Strichpunkt

How credible does a brand really appear? How sustainably is it perceived? With the 5C model, Strichpunkt Design systematically tests and evaluates all these factors that are decisive for a sustainable brand presence. Chief strategist Matthias Juhnke explains the model.

What does the 5C model by Strichpunkt Design stand for - and why did you develop it?
With the 5C model, we have developed a system for approaching the topic of sustainability quickly, comprehensibly and with relevant output. On the one hand, we look at the credibility and commitment of companies in terms of sustainability. With Creativity and Clarity, we analyse the companies' ability to communicate and express sustainable messages in a clear and creative way. In a world where all kinds of brands tell all kinds of stories and consumers are overwhelmed with messages, this ability is crucial for companies to succeed. The fifth C-factor, continuity, assesses the perseverance and resources needed to ensure that sustainable messages have an internal and external impact.

Who should do the 5C check?
Every company and every brand for which sustainability is a matter of the heart, a necessity or both. And that is the vast majority today.

What are the benefits for companies?
The 5C model is a pragmatic tool for all those who are interested in an honest and thorough assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. We create our analysis with the critical eye of brand experts. In the process, we often discover relevant factors and topics that are overlooked and thus neglected from an internal perspective.

Your most important insight after the first 5C analyses?

"It is not enough to do good. You also have to (be able to) tell people about it. In a way that interests and inspires."

What are the limits of your model?
We examine the sustainable impact and perception of brands and companies. What we do not (and cannot) evaluate is their performance, i.e. the sustainability of their products and processes. There are special agencies for this, and we are happy to recommend them to our clients if they do not yet have a sustainability strategy. Because if the operative business is not designed to be sustainable, the brand communication stands on shaky ground. Keyword: greenwashing.

On the other hand, even the most sustainable performance is of little use if the company is not enthusiastic about it. After all, employees and customers are the decisive motors for bringing companies forward in the long term.

What happens after a 5C check?
With the 5C Check, those responsible in the companies receive a meaningful initial analysis of the sustainability status quo of their brand. We identify possible fields of action for them in terms of content, creation, communication format and channels. We provide recommendations for action. If desired, we will of course also implement them together.

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