Spreading Knowledge 2016

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»Spreading Knowledge« - the title of the ALSO Annual Report 2016 - shows how successful the European IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics company is helping to share knowledge and make it accessible to everyone.

The first virtual Annual Report from ALSO brings financial communication to a whole new level: recipients of the report receive a box with VR glasses and a small poster. In an app, the complex business models of ALSO are explained by a short animation film. 360-degree videos show partners, customers and employees of ALSO. The key performance indicators of the year 2017 are conveyed through augmented reality. And the highlight: The poster can also be used during the year for the development of the KPIs. All in all, the role of ALSO as a solution aggregator for the ICT industry is underlined: ALSO helps to make knowledge available to everyone. Anytime and from anywhere.

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