Talking to Tanja

After studying at the HTWG in Constance and initial positions as a trainee and designer in various agencies, Tanja joined Strichpunkt in 2016. With her creative power, conceptual force and great ability to work in a team, she quickly grew into responsible tasks at Strichpunkt. For Tanja, challenges are always an environment in which one can only grow.

She also grew and matured during a four-month sabbatical, during which she traveled around Australia by van, among other things. Tanja loves interdisciplinary work in which good strategic groundwork is always the springboard for creative brand work.

During her time at Strichpunkt, Tanja helped to shape Audi's new brand design, was very extensively involved in Sportscheck's brand transformation, and worked on a variety of brand and communications projects. Among others, for Audi Compliance and Volocopter. In Talking to, Tanja talks about her vocation as a designer and what life experience has really taken her further in life.

SP: Tanja, what makes a good creative for you at this time?
A good creative is many things: observer, listener, driver, impulse giver, visionary, problem solver, leader, but also team player, convincer and questioner - but above all - engaged with the heart!
SP: What drives you personally?
Whether on the trail, in deep powder snow or in professional life, if you don't dare to do anything, you can't do anything wrong. That's right, but maybe also a little cowardly! That's why it's better to fall on the face sometimes...
SP: You come to work by bike in spring, summer, fall and winter. Why should more people come by bike to work?
No traffic jams, doing something for the environment, getting exercise - these are all good arguments. But for me personally, it's also a kind of creative tool: Many ideas come to me on the bike. As stupid as it may sound, I often find myself brooding over a topic for hours and then having a solution after 10 minutes on the bike at the latest. ...and no, I don't want an exercise bike for the office, because cycling is also fresh air, getting out and thinking about something other than design!
SP: What should remain permanently with the company from the Covid 19 crisis?
The openness: be it to the neighbors or towards new tools.
SP: Why do you like coming to work in the morning?
Because I get to work with great colleagues. From the casual sweatpants to the Dr. in the check shirt, you can find everyone here. It can be a bit of a bustle, but it's always about the cause and what's best for each project.
SP: What experience has brought you further in life?
To learn: to simply express straightforwardly what you think or wish for. More than a "No" or "But I disagree" can happen in very few cases. And mostly it shortens the brooding ;-)
Even today I have to smile about the fact that I told Jochen, when he criticized my flat sentence at the graduate exhibition, quite clearly, I don't really know what his problem is, I actually find it quite successful. As a student, that took quite a bit of courage - after all, Jochen was already back than a famous designer. But it can't have been that much of a hindrance, because he hired me some years later...
SP: What does courage mean to you personally?
Asking after just one year at Strichpunkt if you can go on sabbatical...

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