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13 locations, 1,000 colleagues: a team with a wide variety of characters, backgrounds and skills that uses its diverse digital expertise to help change the world for the better. This is Exxeta, an independent technology and consulting company with a focus on the automotive, energy and financial services sectors.

In a highly competitive market, the aim was to position the brand strongly. For us that was the starting signal to go through an in-depth branding process with the growing team.
After a comprehensive analysis and strategy phase it was clear: this will be a brand presence without either-or!
Together we identified Exxeta's key differentiator: the unique combination of professional competence and human quality.

A new character of digital consulting

Exxeta stands for views, people and skills that complement each other. Like software and hardware, business and technology, sustainability and profit. The new claim is a perfect match: "Hightech with a heartbeat".
This is reflected in all facets of the new brand identity. No black or white, but black and white; sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, funny or direct. And sometimes uncomfortable. But always with a lot of heart and soul. In the logo, the two formerly unloved XXs form a "&" and thus symbolise the bringing together of apparent opposites - which, by the way, also works ideally as a super sign.
Not easy to miss: the variable font "Bandeins Strange". It is a defining element of the new branding and underlines the diversity that is Exxeta.

Less bla bla, more aha!

Whether in the newly defined corporate language, the icons or the illustrations – the tonalities direct, remarkable, energetic are tangible. Themes are brought to the point and a certain humour is always in the air.
A modular corporate design that transports the Exxeta spirit in a refreshing and strikingly self-confident way. Tech or not - consulting remains a people's business. High-tech with a heartbeat.

© Pictures: Christoph Leib/Strichpunkt/Pexels
Movie: in cooperation with HAWKINS & CROSS

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