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We need to talk!
About domestic violence!

Every third day in Germany, a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner. Every fourth woman experiences intimate partner violence at least once in her life. Time to do something about it: Strichpunkt supports its client, the association Gewaltfrei in die Zukunft e.V., with its positioning, corporate design and website.

Society needs a paradigm shift - away from victim blaming “Why don't you just leave? ”.

The protected app for women affected by domestic violence is at the heart of Gewaltfrei in die Zukunft's work. What began as an app for those affected, which provides safe and uncomplicated help and documents injuries, now has a holistic focus and, above all, a face to the outside world. In contrast to the app, whose presence is top secret, the association is deliberately seeking publicity. Together with experts from the Federal Ministry of Justice and state criminal investigation offices to women's shelters and specialist advice centers, the initiators are fighting for structural changes.

Strichpunkt defined the association's approach together with the founders. In contrast to other initiatives, Gewaltfrei in die Zukunft e.V. approaches the issue of domestic violence both situationally and systemically. This holistic approach - under one roof - is also reflected in the logo. The typogram cleverly refers to the domestic environment. The association also sets itself apart from the usual mechanics of the industry in its imagery, replacing photographs with illustrations and strong red with soft, pleasant colors. The predominantly illustrative appearance is also complemented by a typography system in which every tenth letter is replaced by an imperfect letter. The result is a design that is intended to be less off-putting for those affected: Institutional becomes empathetic, accessible and personal - a safe space for women with very individual stories.

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