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From service provider to personality

Passion for the best digital experience – that's what defines our client diva-e, one of Germany's leading digital service providers. With more than 20 years of experience as a full-service partner for customers such as Edeka, E.ON, Carl Zeiss, dmTECH, ZF Friedrichshafen and Bentley, the company proves every day: global thinking needs global structures. And an increasingly complex (IT-) world requires a partner who thinks in a networked way and creates connections – between technologies, competences, and systems. Because two excellently functioning components do not make an excellent system. And individual bug fixes never become a digital transformation. Their interaction makes the difference.

We put the passion in transaction

These relationships will become the supporting element of the realignment. The positioning “Transactional Experience Partner” becomes more accessible and easier to explain in the future. At the same time, we are expanding the term “transaction” beyond the core service so that the concept can also be used for the employer brand. The positioning gives the brand a new meaning. Thanks to the brand platform with vision and mission, values, cultural principles and a brand story, diva-e can now communicate clearly and appealingly what the brand stands for and what differentiates it from its competitors. At the same time, we held intensive workshops throughout the process to ensure that employees, managers, and the individual departments working with the brand were all on the same page.

We understand. We react. We move.

The sharpened brand personality can also be experienced in the design. The design language is characterized by the new brand essence: “We put the passion in transaction”. Relationships are visualized through adaptive elements that transform through interactions: italic becomes retalic, straight becomes curved, and the circle becomes blur. The Design plays out its full potential in the digital realm, the most important touchpoint. Interactive elements react to data or actions of the users. In this way, they actively influence the design – and are surprised by the reactions to their own actions.

There were also many positive reactions to the joint reorientation and the new accessible branding at the internal launch. True to the motto “Dive into the blue”, diva-e became perceptible and visible for the first time as a passionate, authentic and sustainable brand personality.

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