How we create the New 2015

Corporate Communication

For the fifth consecutive year Strichpunkt has been responsible for the conception and realization of the adidas Group annual reports. "How we create the new", the Annual Report 2015, sets the „Strategy 2020“ as the main subject.

The publications - magazine and the actual report - interpret this strategy with "how we create the new" and "how we create value".

The reporting gives a very concrete answers to what is to be achieved within the 2020 targets and how the adidas Group wants to create the "new“.

The magazine presents initiatives and approaches that the adidas Group has launched and tracked. In addition the first successes in 2015 of the three strategic pillars Speed, Cities and Open Source are presented.

Something new was also created in the visualization: a striking design, powerful images and a magazine with relevant text explaining the pillars of the strategy. The way in which the report has been produced is dynamic in its presentation with the use of varied materials and slanted cuts.

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