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Technology – Talent – Tolerance

The state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg is one of the highest-earning and economically important cities in Germany and Europe. Stuttgart has an impressive mobility cluster which is globally unique and consists of many large and medium-sized businesses, including several world leaders in the automotive industry which cooperate closely with local educational, scientific and research institutions.

Strichpunkt identified technology, talent and tolerance as the central themes of this success story. It created an informative and high-quality image brochure entitled “Stuttgart – My Motor”, featuring the prominent long-standing figureheads of the city in addition to recent newcomers. These include Dr Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG, Mario Gomez, the comedian Michael Gaedt as well as a bakery owner, who testifies: “In Stuttgart, good craftsmanship strikes gold”. The stage painter discusses soft skills in culture: “Stuttgart sets milestones in the cultural landscape. Over the past decade the opera has been voted Opera House of the Year six times.” A restrained, friendly look with striking elements frames the statements of the Swabians (by choice).

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