SILBERPFOTEN - Gemeinsam mit dir für Mensch und Tier

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Animal Love in Old Age

At a stage in life when routine and stability are particularly valuable, pets are irreplaceable companions for many seniors. But the reality is often different: loyal companions frequently end up in shelters because their owners, due to age-related issues, can no longer adequately care for them. The burden of old-age poverty intensifies these difficulties and forces many older pet owners to say goodbye to their beloved companions with a heavy heart. This sad reality highlights the challenges faced by both humans and animals.

"Gemeinsam mit Dir für Mensch und Tier!"

with this quote, the animal welfare project SilberPfoten, founded in 2014, has set itself the goal of accompanying older pet owners on their journey and supporting them in all aspects of pet care. The initiative was born out of the conviction that pets and owners should stay together for as long as possible, regardless of age-related challenges.The heart of SilberPfoten is the commitment of volunteer helpers from the neighborhood who strive to ensure that seniors can keep their beloved pets."

The project has already enjoyed many successes, including nominations and honours from various awards as well as a television appearance and even an invitation to the annual reception with the Federal President. In 2024, SilberPfoten could already count on the commitment of 5000 volunteers.

With a partnership, we would like to support the SilberPfoten animal welfare project with a comprehensive new visual identity. This includes not only redesigning the website, but also organizing targeted campaigns to present the project in an attention-grabbing way and attract donors and volunteers.

Strichpunkt has developed an eye-catching design concept that attracts the attention of the target group and encourages them to take a closer look. Under the motto "Will you walk with me?", we set the goal of creating a unique, emotional visual identity that encourages people to actively participate in the initiative.

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