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Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Alexander Bürkle has taken on the challenge. The market leader in the southwest of Germany in the electrical wholesale industry with a 118-year history is taking a brave step into a digital age and reinventing itself in the process. Its thinking. Its culture. Its processes. Its look.

Strichpunkt is accompanying Alexander Bürkle on its digital transformation journey.


From electrical wholesaler to

technology service provider

An essential part of change is gaining a new perspective. Alexander Bürkle is focusing on its customers and tailoring its entire range of services to meet their needs in order to make their business models more successful. At the same time, networking is becoming the key to success: networking of internal skills, networking with customers, and an aspiration to develop the largest network of partners in Germany.

A partner and consultant that builds bridges between people, technological products and innovative solutions.

StrategyBrand design

We are

Alexander Bürkle

Today, Alexander Bürkle comprises a theme brand and three performance brands with new names and positioning, new workflows and newly developed services: Alexander Bürkle smart buildings, Alexander Bürkle smart industries and Alexander Bürkle smart consumers.

The perfect team to meet the demands of a digital ages.

“Transformation should come from within. A strong identity paves the way to almost any possible future.”

Philipp Brune,
Managing Director of Strichpunkt

The future is
embedded in us

Employees are the driving force of transformation

A joint


Conversation. Information. Participation. Alexander Bürkle employees are actively involved in change. This is why a large number of the developed measures are targeted internally to encourage and inspire transformation from within.

The new Alexander Bürkle – a collaborative feat.

DesignBook of ideas


get started

The book of ideas is a useful tool in the transformation process. It includes 365 empty pages on which we can re-imagine the company. At the same time, it invites us to see change as a continuous process and to reinvent ourselves time and time again.

Never stop.


Blog of


The internal blog is the digital home of change. Informative, inspiring and well-conceived: every employee can use the blog to make suggestions for the new Alexander Bürkle. All ideas can be viewed in a gallery where they can be discussed, shared and liked.

The best form of employee involvement.

A magazine that takes

a look into the future


The future-focused magazine communicates inspiration and targeted information. It is a physical manifestation of change that informs its readers of today’s relevant trends and topics and showcases the exciting solutions that Alexander Bürkle has developed for and with its customers.

An invitation to flick through the future.



12 containers form a think tank at the head office in Freiburg. A physical site for digital transformation – a place that encourages you to think big, laterally, unconventionally, vividly and openly. This is where ideas become reality and are carried through to implementation. As well as project group work, there is a regular programme of workshops and presentations.

A creative home for free thinking.

DesignContainer village



Transformation means change. But what exactly does collaboration mean? The idea campaign for employees informs and motivates them with its travelling installations. To boldly surpass themselves or to ping-pong new solutions around, for instance.

Making change fun.

Designinternal campaign

“We have spent a lot of time thinking about our employees. Companies are defined by the people who work there, and it was and is important for us to take everyone with us on this journey.”

Andreas Ege,
Andreas Ege, Managing Director of Alexander Bürkle

Ready for a new world

Making digitalisation visible


goes online

Strichpunkt has re-imagined and re-designed the company’s entire online presence. The result is a website that is consistently structured around the user. A lot of content has been removed, some has been logically combined, and related content has been intelligently linked. The user interface has become much simpler, and the user encounters an Alexander Bürkle that communicates its content and graphics clearly and simply. The layout itself is based on modules that can be selected flexibly depending on the topic.

Everything is ready for a new way of thinking and working.



pioneering spirit

In the new Alexander Bürkle image film, 1900 meets 2018, and the pioneering inventions of days gone by meet cutting-edge technology. Employees once again play a leading role and are the protagonists of transformation. A transformation that combines the past and the future to form a world of new possibilities.

Popcorn ready? Let’s start the film.

InsightsImage film

“118 years of Alexander Bürkle lie behind us.
But the best is yet to come.”

Andreas Ege,
Managing Director Alexander Bürkle

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